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Online study

New Learning Method


In order to increase the access to educational content to all students as well as the quality of education during the course of the study, especially for the part-time students, the European business school Zagreb enables distance learning in the form of electronic teaching using the online system methodology (hereinafter referred to as online teaching) as a more flexible approach to education for all students of specialist study in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises. This approach to education is based on the new teaching method using the great potential of information and communication technology. In this context, students who are unable to attend classes regularly are granted the possibility of distance learning (online teaching) as a complement to classroom teaching.Distance learning (online teaching) offers:

• flexibility in designing the schedule regarding when and where to learn for up to 70% of the classes,

• access to teaching materials and mentors 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year,

• full-time education at any location,

• to increase the use of educational content,

• to save time in comparison to the traditional way of education.

By offering educational online teaching opportunities applicable to the national, regional and global population that wants flexibility in the education process, the University College strives to cultivate academic, research and innovation excellence and social inclusion. This will be achieved through a continuous focus on:

• the quality of the curriculum,

• scientific-professional research of entrepreneurship education,

• an innovative and effective way of teaching and communicating with students

• excellent services for users of our educational programs.

Detailed information on the new way of education at the University College can be obtained on working days from 9:00 to 17:00 via:

Phone: +385 1 36 47 099

Cell: +385 99 44 00 150