Independent Entrepreneurship Manager

Specialist training in dental medicine entrepreneurship is jointly organized by European business school Zagreb from Zagreb and the Chamber of Dental Medicine.

The curriculum of Professional Training for the Independent Dental Practice Manager consists of nine teaching units:

  1. Entrepreneurship of dental medicine
  2. Management of dental medicine business processes
  3. The Legal Environment of Dental Practice
  4. Financial operations of dental medicine
  5. Business Analysis
  6. Human resources of dental medicine
  7. Marketing of dental medicine
  8. Networking and placement of services to the EU dental medicine market
  9. Dental medicine business plan.

With mentor access and interaction of participants and teachers, as well as processing of specific content, tasks and other activities, the expected student load per module will be 28 hours. You can find the teacher’s biographies under Documents.

Teaching is conducted ONLINE which provides the necessary flexibility and accessibility to educational content in the time period that each individual student is most comfortable with, taking into account the attendant’s regular work and family responsibilities.

At the end of each course, each individual participant prepares an appropriate task from the subject content based on his own example of the operation of his dental practice, thereby attaining simultaneously the training and solving of the specific area of daily practice.

After a successful completion of the program, the participants receive the appropriate certificate that they have successfully completed the program for the Independent Dental Practice Manager and are also registered in the e-employment records.

Since there is also an entrepreneurial incubator as a professional and logistical support for the practical training of the participants within the European business school Zagreb, each trainee of the professional training program for the Independent Dental Practice Manager will have an ongoing education as well as the appropriate professional mentor support at any time after the completion of this program in order to be able to approach any questions and problems from the scope of their business in the fastest, most rational and most efficient manner possible.

Price and conditions for attendees of a one-year online professional training program

  • The regular price of the program is HRK 19,800.00.
  • A special discount price of 30% for organized participants, members of HKDM and one-time payment is HRK 13.860,00.

For your applications and payments up to the beginning of your education, your tax base is reduced because payments for this education are recognized as operating expenses.

Since the program is verified by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, it is not subject to VATPayment may be made by a legal person who instructs a trainee or a natural person if he or she wishes to complete the program for his / her own needs.